The Best Hanging Egg Chair to Buy in 2021

The hanging egg chair is one of the classic designs and has never fallen out of trend, but it has been developing in the past few decades. Today, the hanging egg chair is still a popular design for indoor and outdoor use, and the design is up-to-date in all aesthetics.

The hanging egg chair is also very comfortable for both children and adults, making it an ideal choice for families. From hand-carved leather to classic rattan designs, these hanging egg chairs allow you to swing gracefully through the quarantine area.

A piece of hanging egg chair can create a chill vibe. When you’re swinging you’re in the most relaxed state possible because a hanging egg chair mimics the body in the fetal position in the womb.

If you want to enhance wow-factor and whimsy in either your indoor or outdoor spaces, there is nothing cooler and more unique than a beautifully styled hanging egg chair.

Hang one on your porch and sway into the summer breeze, or support one in your living room to be the focal point of your statement. Apart from aesthetics, there is nothing more pleasant than the soft shaking motion in a cocoon-like shell.

Here we rounded up the 8 best hanging egg chairs for indoor and outdoor lounging.

1. BARI Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

The Bari hanging swing chair is made of hand-woven all-weather synthetic wicker with a coated metal frame that allows you to sit and relax comfortably. This durable hanging egg chair with a durable Olefin seat and cushions provides you with a comfortable resting space.


This wicker hanging egg chair is the gold standard for both long-term outdoor and indoor use. The soft but strong wicker is much better than natural rattan. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Relax with this casual wicker swing chair!

The chair hanging on the ground, giving a whimsical airy feeling, and the charcoal frame makes this hanging egg chair extra luxurious. But don’t let the appearance fool you-this is one of the most comfortable chairs we have ever tried. If you want to get elegant beauty without sacrificing comfort, then the BARI outdoor wicker hanging egg chair is a good choice.

2. DONEY Outdoor Wicker Double Hanging Egg Chair

Offering room for you, the DONEY Outdoor Wicker Double Hanging Egg Chair with cushion and stand provides the perfect means for relaxation. This hanging egg chair is composed of a steel frame wrapped in resin wicker that hangs securely from a powder-coated steel stand. Sturdily built, this chair is made to hold up to 200 KG.

Doney Double Hanging Egg Chair

This hanging egg chair body was fully handwoven and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, made of all-weather and low maintenance resin wicker, UV protected.

Enjoy the comfort of this hanging egg chair. When you relax in the deep luxurious cushions, let the wind gently sway you. Durability in all seasons, easy-care, and absorbent fabric cushions make this hanging egg chair a perfect complement to any terrace or deck.

3. LANGFORD Outdoor Wicker Balcony Egg Chair

The LANGFORD outdoor wicker hanging egg chair is a proven tranquil chair that can decorate your backyard, terrace, and lounge. It is seamless, made of a sturdy metal frame, looks luxurious and stylish, and provides great support for relaxation.

LANGFORD Outdoor Wicker Balcony Egg Chair MARINA

You can even take a nap because it is a helpful and comfortable sleeping companion. Its modern style includes fabric texture, soft curves, and organic appearance, enhancing the modern appearance of your home. One of the uniqueness of the hanging egg chair is its attractive color. So, with all these good features, the LANGFORD outdoor wicker hanging egg chair is a good choice for indoor and outdoor use.

4. FLINT Outdoor Wicker Leisure Chair

The FLINT outdoor wicker leisure chair comes along with a charcoal cushion. It looks comfortable and equally provides an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The FLINT outdoor wicker chair is built sturdily.

FLINT Outdoor Wicker Leisure Chair

You can relax suspended in the air as you read a book, admire nature, and even sleep, cuddling with its fluffy, UV-treated Olefin fabric cushion. It is suited best for outdoor use, for you to have more enjoyable sunshine or maybe sitting and relaxing on an island or seashore.

In a word, with such comfort and positivity, this egg chair is one of the best choices ever.

5. LANGLEY Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

Made with handwoven synthetic wicker plus a coated metal frame, the Langley Hanging Swing Chair allows you to sit down and relax comfortably. With a durable Olefin seat and back cushions, this hanging chair provides you a comfortable place to lounge.

LANGLEY Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

This chair has a comfortable UV treated and charcoal cushion with a washable cover, which enables you to relax and feel more comfortable than lying down or just sitting on a regular chair. It looks exquisite and it is designed to work perfectly with people who want to relax outdoors.

With the Langley Hanging Swing Chair, you can sit in total comfort on your patio or in your garden. Its weight capacity reaches 120 KG. Therefore, there is no doubt that this hanging egg chair is what you need to spend your quality time to enjoy and relax your body.

6. MODICA Outdoor Wicker Egg Swing Chair

MODICA outdoor wicker hanging egg chair is unique patio furniture made from woven resin wicker material which is UV-protected, preventing fading and robust. It comes with a cushion to let you sit comfortably. The wicker hanging chair comes with a stand to allow you to sit suspended in the air.

MODICA Outdoor Wicker Egg Swing Chair Light

It is designed to offer a more comfortable way to sit while enjoying the outdoor environment. You can sit comfortably and read your book, enjoy natural beautiful scenery even more as you sit in the hanging egg chair. Its maximum weight capacity is 120 KG.

This wicker hanging egg chair comes with a light grey finish and charcoal cushion that will look perfect for any patio or outdoor design.

7. Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

The resin wicker chair is a stylish and comfortable hanging egg chair. The chair has a light cushion which is best for relaxing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. In addition, the hanging egg chair also has a comfortable design and can be used for sleep, rest, reading, or rest.

Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

The overall size of this hanging egg chair is 48.03 inches (width) x 35.58 inches (depth) x 76.37 inches (height). The best quality of the chair is the durable powder-coated steel frame, perfect for decks and terraces. It is ideal for outdoor furniture for decks and patios.

8. Generic Wicker Rattan Swing Chair

This chair is an egg-shaped wicker rattan with a swing chair. The hammock swing is turquoise and made of aluminum brackets. The cushion on the chair is upholstered and available in many colors. The overall dimensions of the chair would be roughly around 40 inches D x 48 inches W x 80 inches height.

Generic Wicker Rattan Swing Chair

It is a fun, enjoyable, and interesting swing or porch chair that is perfect for the backyard, patio, garden, or balcony. The swing chair comes with a strong base and lightweight so that you can put it anywhere.

The Egg Nest-shaped hanging chair is a uniquely designed hammock. Get this handwoven hammock and have a good time.

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